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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Fishing Kayak for Sale

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Kayak fishing is an appealing past time as it is environmentally friendly, healthy,  great exercise, reasonably affordable and you can either have an ocean fishing kayak or river fishing kayak, depending on your ambitions and abilities.

Best Kayaks for Fishing

Best Fishing Kayak SiteWhen searching for the best kayak for fishing you need to  firstly access whether you would like a sit in kayak, sit on top kayak, 2 person kayak or just the best inflatable kayak.

Some other questions that may need to be answered in your search are what type of fishing will you be using your kayak for? Do you want an ocean fishing kayak, a bass fishing kayak, fly fishing kayak,  or a 2 person fishing kayak?

What size is the best recreational kayak for your needs, a 10ft kayak or a 12ft kayak?

Do you want to purchase a pre-fitted fishing kayak or do you want to customise a kayak for fishing yourself? Fully customised top fishing kayaks will already have attachments mounted such as paddle clips, fishing pole or rod holders, cup holders, built in coolers and gps  receivers, where as if you want to customise your lifetime fishing kayak yourself, be sure to use stainless steel attachments so as not to rust in the outdoor conditions.

Fishing kayaks offer space for fishing rods, tackle, and storage. The most distinctive differences in fishing models are places for fishing poles, extra width for stability, and easy access storage spaces. The best type of fishing kayak depends on the kind of fishing you want to do, your physical abilities, and whether you want to have company.


The market today offers sit in kayaks, sit on, sit on top kayaks, and tandem kayaks. Kayak designs use water conditions as their guide, and some are also designed for fishing. The type of water conditions that you may encounter is the first factor you should consider. Ocean and big waters like large lakes, the Great Lakes, and very large reservoirs have a lot of tidal movement. They often have whitecaps, strong currents, and windy conditions.


Rivers and lakes are likely areas for using a kayak. Rivers sometimes have strong currents and require responsive turning and easy handling. Most rivers, large lakes, and ponds have some windy periods, but it’s not a primary factor. Calm waters, small lakes, and ponds are the easiest environment for kayaking. These conditions match with recreational kayaks, river kayaks, and ocean kayaks.

Big water, Oceans and Coastal Areas

The best kayaks for big water and coasts are the ocean or sea rated kayaks. These are sit-in models that have enclosed bodies to resist taking on too much water. These types of kayak also protect the rider against the effects of wind and water that can chill in cool weather.

Ocean type kayaks have rudders and hull designs that help the boat track in a straight line and resist the pull of tides and currents. Ocean kayaks resist wind and provide the best speeds for traveling distances. Most of the storage is inside the shell, but many models have straps and bungees to provide quick access storage. These kayaks have the limitations of no-standing room to fish, and less freedom to move around than in an open cockpit.

Rivers, Lakes and Streams


Flat and calm waters are excellent places for nearly any type of Kayak. For the low cost recreational and inflatable boats, it’s the ideal place to paddle.

– One Person Versus Tandem Kayaks

Best Fishing Kayak Site

You can always take the extra seat away and use the tandem kayak for one; the opposite is not so easy. Tandems give the option of having someone else on board. You may wish to have a single person boat to do a lot of fly fishing. If standing, then you will need space to strip your line; the best space for the stripped line is at the angler’s feet. You will need to orient the fly rod over the bow. Fly fishing while standing requires side-to-side and front to back movement.

What Is the Best Fishing Kayak?

Fishing in a kayak is a fun and eco-friendly way to engage in a favorite sport. It is a fast-growing trend, and the driving forces behind its popularity include the ecological boost, low-cost, and high value of kayaks for fishing. As the demand for environmentally sound recreation grows, the market has responded with a larger range of types of fishing kayak for sale.

While you can adapt nearly every kayak for sale in the US for angling, the best recreational kayak is not necessarily the best kayak for fishing. Kayak fishing requires high degree of stability, storage space, and maneuverability. Recreational kayaks do not focus on stability nor do they contain large amounts of storage. Recreational craft often emphasizes speed and quick maneuvers which are low on the angler’s list of needs.

– Sit in Kayaks

The basic idea of a sit in type is that the rider sits below the rim, and you have the option of covering the open area where your legs extend. The sit-inside type of kayak offers the option of closing the boat and staying dry while you paddle.

– Sit on top Kayaks

Sit on top kayaks require the least amount of training and adjustment of all of the popular models. The sit on top design places the rider above the edge of the boat. The seat or molded plastic cockpit is above the rim, and the boat has holes in the bottom, called scuppers, to allow water to run through. Getting off and on the sit on top model is just a matter of climbing on and sliding off; there are no edges to restrain the movement.

– Stand Up Kayaks

Stand up kayaks are the most stable kayak designs on the market. Many of the top fishing kayaks combine an adjustable seat with stability from ballast systems. Stand up kayaks offer both an opportunity to move and to use the space for fly fishing. Flexibility is a feature that separates the top rated kayaks from the competition. There are many excellent and enjoyable methods for fishing from a kayak, and a stable base makes them all work better and easier.

You can rig every type of kayaks to be good fishing kayaks, and the innovations in materials, design make the job easier. Today’s top rated fishing kayaks are strong and light. The best kayak brands use the weight of water reservoirs and extra width to make the most stable fishing kayak.

Room for Two and More

All types of kayaks come in tandem or two person models. Some recreational kayaks hold three or more. The 2 person kayak is a great way to share a fishing experience and save money on the cost of a second boat. The tandem or two person kayak has a front and back seat. You can change the seating in most types of tandem kayak for sale.

When considering a 2 person fishing kayak, you must consider the types of fishing and fishing environments you will encounter. Buyers have the sit-in or sit-on-top options in the tandem fishing kayak market. The best tandem kayak will depend on the nature of your fishing preferences. If you intend to do saltwater kayaking, then that would strongly indicate the choice for the two man kayak.

The tandem sit on top kayak is very popular with kayak fishers; it is the most versatile type of two person kayak for sale. Stability is a key when considering the choices for a double kayak for sale; the two person fishing kayak must be large enough, and wide enough to provide a stable platform when both occupants move around to fish or paddle.

The molded plastic type of 2 person sit on top kayak is strong and flexible; it works well on calm waters and rivers.

The ocean style 2 seater kayaks for sale come in longer lengths than river models. The 2 man fishing kayak is an excellent platform for all types of fishing. If you include coastal waters in your likely destinations, then an ocean rated boat would be the best tandem fishing kayak.

Sitting and Fishing

Best Fishing Kayak SiteThe traditional covered kayak has a hole in which the occupant sits. Many people feel slightly intimidated by the idea of getting out of an overturned kayak if sitting inside the tube. For many beginners, an appealing choice is the sit on top kayak. These relatively low-cost craft are an excellent way to get started with kayaks and fishing from a kayak.

The sit on kayak does not require a learning curve like the sit in kayak. You won’t have to learn how to self-correct an overturned boat. You can simply learn to paddle and go off on your first adventure. The sit on top fishing kayak offers freedom to silently navigate to your favorite fishing spot and use your preferred type of rod and reel from a sitting position.


The sit in kayak is an excellent platform for fishing. Many people prefer to use the covered sit in fishing kayak when they experience waves or surface chop because the closed body repels water splash that could flood an open boat. The top seat type of kayak has a self-drainage system, and the ride is usually wet. The best sit on top kayak models offer stable platforms for fishing; the angler will feel more wind and spray, but the ease of getting in and out of the boat has a special appeal to anglers of all levels of experience.


Kayaks must work in various water conditions include wind, waves, and currents. They must be stable to allow the angler to relax and enjoy fishing. The key is stability both in the initial phase and in the action phases. The initial phase is getting in or on the kayak, and the initial stability is important. The boat must feel steady and under control. When moving or out on the water, the boat must remain stable. The design, size, and weight will determine the secondary stability.


Stability is a vital part of kayak fishing. Balance is critical whether in a rounded river type 10ft fishing kayak or a streamlined ocean-going 12ft fishing kayak. Every step involving casting, retrieving, hooking and landing requires movement, and some movements are sudden and forceful. Manufacturers build the highest level of stability in the stand up fishing kayak type. These boats have special channels that hold water and equalize weight distribution. The stand up kayak is wider and has a rounded shape as opposed to a thin, speedy, and relatively sleek ocean kayak.

Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Many anglers prefer fishing while standing, and the stand up kayak fishing is an ideal solution. Some sit in kayaks for sale today are as stable as stand up platforms because they have wide beams, but the key is movement.

The design of the sit on fishing kayak is flexible, and you can get out of one easily if capsized. Many sit on kayaks for sale today have stable platforms that accommodate standing or sit in kayak fishing. The best sit on top fishing kayak designs offer flexible storage space that can clear space for onboard movement.

Inflatable and Portable

The lightweight and portable inflatable kayaks offer a low-cost type of boat that is excellent for recreational purposes, and you can adapt them for fishing. The format of the inflatable kayak is that it stores flat and in a small space. They ship with an inflation pump, and this produces a full-sized kayak for one or two.


The best inflatable kayak like the top-rated Sea Eagle 330 can handle light or sheltered coastal action and will perform well on small lakes, ponds, and rivers. Inflatables are prone to wind movement whether high chined or a lower riding type; if you will persistently encounter high winds, then that would suggest a solid hull with a low profile shape.


The inflatable fishing kayak can range from as little as 22 lbs. to an easily-hefted 50 lbs. The modern innovations include hull designs that track well, tough and durable material that can last for many years, and quality attachments like paddles, pumps, and accessories.


If you want to try kayaking on a budget with no need for a vehicle to haul a boat, then you should look for inflatable kayaks for sale. Inflatables are an easy to prepare and lightweight fishing kayak. The kits come with all you need to start inflatable kayak fishing.

Seaworthy Craft

Anglers seeking an ocean kayak for sale have an outstanding range of choices. The ocean fishing kayak is often the flagship of a manufacturer’s line and has special features designed for high-intensity ocean kayak fishing. The best ocean fishing kayak will have stability, spacious size for storage, and a design that accounts for cool conditions. When looking at a sea kayak for sale, remember the wind and cold that comes with using a saltwater fishing kayak outside of the summer heat.

River Boats

Best Fishing Kayak SiteLakes and rivers offer great seasonal fishing in most of the US, and year-around active seasons in the warmer regions. Lakes and ponds do not challenge kayakers with the need for quick movements and tight maneuvers; the best river fishing kayak will have a fin and rudder and shaped hull to provide tracing against currents and speedy flow.

If selecting a boat for a range of water conditions, then the maneuverable river fishing kayak is the freshwater choice. Bass and trout are favorites for freshwater kayak fishing, and the opportunities to get to structures and other prime areas is an advantage of kayak bass fishing.

Bass fishing is an ideal reason to buy a kayak. When considering river kayaks for sale, you should think of the favorite spots and locations for bass. There are no structural changes that fishers need to make to outfit their bass fishing kayaks; you may add rod holders, a rod rack, and quick access to tackle storage.

Catch with Fly Tackle

The fly fishing kayak advantage is in being close to the water. You will have a great view of the surface and underwater features. You can spot shadows near rocks and structure and silently get as close as you wish. The biggest difference between standing on the shore or a larger boat is the position of the rod.


The best rod position when kayak fly fishing is with the rod tip in the water. With the tip raised or up, you must strip an extra several feet of line to move the lure. With the tip in the water, every foot of stripped line produces nearly as much swimming movement at the lure.


The advantages of kayak fishing include access to great fishing spots and silent approaches that do not disturb the fish. When using a fishing kayak with motor power, angles nearly always select a battery powered unit with low noise and vibration. The quiet and non-polluting motorised fishing kayak.

Pedal power offers a third method for propulsion along with paddles and motors. The innovation of the fishing kayak with foot pedals adds the capacity to fish and move at the same time. The hands-free propulsion offers an excellent opportunity to cover the water with fewer casts and in less time.


Fly rods work well on fishing kayaks with pedals; fly fishing requires constant use of two hands and the pedal fishing kayak is a perfect match. The reverse direction feature is the latest innovation for the fishing kayak with pedals. The ability to move backward without touching the paddle is an advantage when fishing for bass and fly fishing.

Finding the Right Size

The size and storage capacity is essential to finding the most comfortable kayak for your needs and preferences. A standard kayak is about eight feet in length to 12 ft, fishing kayaks tend to be larger than others, and most are between 10 to 12 feet in length. A fishing kayak has a wide middle for stability.

The difference between a 10 foot fishing kayak and a 12 foot fishing kayak will mostly show in storage, handling, and stability. When you decide to go for the larger capacity 12 foot fishing kayak, then you cover the range of saltwater and freshwater fishing locales. Your craft can perform well on either fresh or saltwater fishing, and it will track as you wish with a rudder and a fin. You can fish any style, and for a wide range of species. Price may be the biggest barrier when considering a 12 foot kayak for sale.

Kayak Gear and Accessories

Best Fishing Kayak SiteSelecting kayak fishing gear does not require a lot of change for most fishers; the reels and baits and lures that work from shore or other types of boats will work well when close to the water too. Many useful recreational and fishing kayaks do not have much storage for fishing equipment. The kayak fishing crate offers a convenient place for your kayak fishing rigging, and kayak fishing rods. When fishing kayak accessories must be both secure and accessible, the crates fill the bill, and basic models are not costly.

Kayak Fishing Accessories

Kayak accessories for fishing include a good paddle holder, crates, and electronics The paddle holder is helpful. These small devices serve an important function of keeping the paddle secure, out of the way, and within reach. There are many styles but the essentially all grip the handle and keep it from moving too much.

-Considering the Best Kayak Paddle

A fishing kayak paddle is an important piece of equipment; it moves the boat to the ideal spots, it moves the boat silently. A well-designed kayak fishing paddle helps steer the craft and keep it tracking straight. In a pinch, the paddle can slow or stop the kayak.

Electronic Accessories

The anglers that used electronics with other boats will likely want to use them with a kayak. GPS is good for following maps, and fish finders can ease the way when fishing in deep waters in lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. The fishing kayaks often have a console on which to mount electronic displays and sonar sensors for fish finders.

 Top Rated Kayaks

Trying to find out which is the best fishing kayak for you. There are many great kayak brands and we have listed some of the top rated fishing kayaks in this guide. Check out our comparison guides below to better understand what you are searching for, after that check out our reviews of fishing kayaks that best suit your requirements.


Click on the the product links in the description, image of price columns to see more reviews and information about each product.

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