Fishing Kayak Set-up

The starting point should be your fishing style. Do you want to sit or stand? Will you be out in varying conditions? As you answer these questions, you can make your equipment checklist. Safety is important.

Adapting an older kayak can be simple as adding rod holders, straps for your equipment, and an outboard electric motor and battery. Older models used paddles, and when fishing you need both hands for casting and working lures. If you choose to use paddling, then you can paddle to a spot and glide into position.

  • Sitting- A mounted chair can offer ease and comfort as you pedal power your boat. With hands free, you can operate your rod and reel and electronics.
  • Standing- The chair should fold away for standing, and you must select a craft rated for standing. These types have balancing features that add stability.
  • Tip straps- The attachable handles help when getting back in the boat if you fall. These straps let you position the craft to pull yourself back on top, a little wet and a lot wiser.
  • On-Board Storage- Everything needs a place and an attachment hook or strap.
  • Electronics- you can have an electric, non-polluting motor for your boat. This will let you cover more water than paddling or pedaling. You can use electronics to image the bottom contours, structures, and fish schools.

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